Gluten Free

Gluten Free

Becoming gluten free suddenly can be an absolute shock to a person and in particular to the household chef. We can help you understand and navigate your options with meal ideas, substitutes and available products in your area and even safe options for eating out. There are heaps out there and you definitely do not have to stick to the ‘Gluten Free’ shelf in your supermarket.

We will customise a tasty 21 day meal plan filled with your favourite foods and ingredients and help you learn how to convert your own recipes yourself. We provide the support and understanding you will need during this time over Facetime or phone call and assist you personally in any other areas you may be struggling.

Our consultant Maia has suffered with gluten intolerance for many years before figuring out the problem was gluten. Gluten intolerance was rarely spoken about 12 years ago. After having a child with many allergies, one of them being wheat and all other gluten containing grains, Maia was forced to remove all known allergens from the house and the diet of breast feeding Mum and child. Insanely difficult, there was no support available and they could not eat anything she had grown up with. There was no gluten free section in the supermarket then or gluten free groups on Facebook so they had to get creative and learn more. 12 years later both Maia and bub, not so little now, are both still gluten free and the entire family enjoys the same foods.

These days there is not much gluten free people need to miss out on. Most things can be sourced somewhere, you just need to know where and if not they can definitely be made at home. Contact Us Today to book in your 60 min consultation and receive your 3 week meal plan to help you start out.

Gluten Free Coaching

Empower yourself to be confident going gluten free and avoid common mishaps with our extensive knowledge. Price includes information, recipes, substitutes, websites, support groups and advice where to buy along with an hour consultation or two 25 min consults.


Disclaimer… Our consultants are not in any way offering medical advice or attempting to cure. Information is based on many years of personal research and experience not a medical degree . Any advice, opinion or information is to be taken as a guide, it is your responsibility to do the best for your body.. No one knows your body better than yourself and we empower you to do the best for yourself. There is no one size fits all when it comes to health and well-being, our consultants will give you information to the best of their abilities, we are in no way attempting to treat disease or ailment…